alright so i kind of suck at running this blog & i basically only reblog like 3 or 4 different boys, but i hope that whoever you are you will enjoy my blog and stuff ♡

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18th Apr ♥ 9663via
oh my actual god niall looks so good kill me; niall; his ha ir; hair; also i guess; legs;



13th Apr ♥ 1145via
Patrick; glasses; he is such a cutie I love him so much wow; cutie;

12th Apr ♥ 47275via
wow fuck wow; harry; he looks so cute in this wow; cutie;

06th Apr ♥ 43300via
evan; wowowiw wiowow wowo;

25th Mar ♥ 14099via
harry; plssss; legs; pls pls pls psl spls legggsssss pls;

Evan Peters photographed by Eric Williams.

25th Mar ♥ 15304via
evan; wow wo w wow wow wowww;

14th Mar ♥ 4398via
phil; pls bby i love u so mcyh fuck i am smiling so muc h u make me so happy; phil lester the actual light of my life pls; cutie; actual angel; i cant stip; hair;

13th Mar ♥ 5470via
harry; hair; legs; cutie; like wow u look nice pls;


10th Mar ♥ 9036via
niall; wait what he looks so ncie in this m pels; cutie; hair; smile; but liek pls pls;

07th Mar ♥ 34166via
harry; louis; pls so cute pls; cutie; smile; bith theur smiales me ols;